Nidhi Software

Dynamic Infotech specialize in developing Nidhi Company Software that will automate your business processes, making your organisation more effective and responsive, and saving you time and money. Nidhi Company Software is created to meet your specific needs. It can be both cheaper than off-the-shelf software solutions and, of course, far more powerful. You can reduce the hours needed to perform time-intensive management and administrative tasks, improving efficiency, driving out cost and increasing profitability. We follow enterprise wide quality policy which is defined and measurable. Our process and methodologies are constantly monitored, updated to keep pace with the new innovations in technology and customer's needs.

We operate by creating the software with you then running it on our servers. How are we able to do this? Through collaboration and flexible working and by working together for our mutual benefits. Our expertise in software development is added to your insight and in-depth knowledge of your industry and the tasks you need to achieve to make your business run more efficiently. We licence the software for your use, but we are free to take what we have learnt, and sell tools to similar companies. You get the software you need. We develop a product or service we can market more widely. It's a win-win situation which benefits everyone. Our Clients are in Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Orissa, Bihar, Assam and West Bengal.

We believe quality consists of products and services provided on time and in conformance with customer requirements. We shall recognize and respect our customers' right to receive quality products and services, on time and within budget..

Software Features

Master Entry Module

  • Branch Master
  • Region Master
  • State Master
  • Plan Master
  • Rank Master
  • Commission Master
  • Relation Master
  • Bank Master
  • Configuration Master
  • Target Master
  • Prize Master
  • Voucher Master
  • Account Master
  • Dividend Master
  • Maturity Master

Member / Associate Module

  • Member / Associate Entry
  • Member / Associate Search
  • Member / Associate Joining Report
  • Member / Associate Detail Report
  • Member / Associate Wise Search
  • Associate Chain
    • Member / Associate Down line
    • Member / Associate Transfer
    • Member / Associate Rank Promotion
    • Active & Inactive Member / Associate
    • I-card Print

    Investment Module

    • Investment Entry
    • Renewal Entry
    • Multi-renewal Entry
    • Multi-investment Multi-renewal Entry
    • Investment / Investment Renewal Approve
    • Renewal Pending List Branch / Associate Wise
    • Search Investment
      • Business Report
      • Business Report Plan Wise
      • Business Report Summary
      • Business Certificate / Bond Approve
      • Business Certificate / Bond Print
      • Spot Commission Payment
      • Certificate / Bond Dispatch Tracking

    Saving Account Module

    • Account Opening Entry
    • Account Approval
    • Account Transaction
    • Account Transaction Approval
    • Auto Interest Calculation
    • Auto Interest Payment

    Loan Module

      • Loan Master
      • Loan Group Master
      • Single Loan Entry
      • Group Loan Entry
      • Loan Requisition
      • Loan Approval
      • Loan Disbursement
      • Loan EMI Payment
      • Loan Payment / Approval Report
      • Loan Disbursement Report
      • Loan Search Member / Branch Wise
      • Loan Account Ledger

    Maturity Module

      • Maturity Master
      • Maturity Requisition
      • Maturity Approval
      • Maturity Payment
      • Maturity Part Payment
      • Maturity Re-investment
      • Maturity Search (All Category)
      • Maturity Report (All Category)

    Approval Module

      • Member Joining Approval
      • Associate Joining Approval
      • Investment Approval
      • Investment Renewal Approval
      • Certificate / Bond Approval
      • Savings Account Approval
      • Savings Account Transaction Approval
      • Loan Approval
      • Maturity Approval
      • Payment Approval
      • Cheque Business Approval
      • Other Approvals

    Admin Module

    • User Management
    • Create User ID and Password
    • User Type Master
    • User Tracking
    • User Block / Unblock
    • Modify & Delete Any Data
    • User Activity Report
    • Send Notifications to Members and Associates
    • Inter Branch Communications

    Voucher Module

    • Voucher Master
    • Voucher Root
    • Voucher Generation
    • Voucher Search and Print
    • Voucher List Search and Print
    • Voucher Summary Associate Wise
    • Voucher Status Report Print and Pay
    • Voucher Payment
    • Advance Payment and Adjustment
    • Voucher Payment Transfer to Savings Account

    Payment Module

    • Commission / Voucher Payment
    • MIS Payment
    • Spot Commission Payment
    • Maturity Payment
    • Advance Payment and Adjustment
    • Loan Payment
    • Prize Payment
    • General Account Related Payment
    • All Payments Transfer to Savings Account

    Modification Module

    • Member Modify
    • Associate Modify
    • Investment Modify
    • Investment Renewal Modify
    • Savings Account Modify
    • Savings Account Transaction Modify
    • Loan Modify
    • Loan Approval Modify
    • Account Related Entry and Payment Modify
    • All Payment Modification
    • All other kinds of Modification

    Accounts Module

    • Cash Book / Bank Book
    • Account Head Creation
    • Expenditure Group Creation
    • Budget Creation
    • Expenditure Entry Requisition
    • Expenditure Entry Approval
    • Expenditure payment
    • Other Income Entry
    • Budget Expenditure Requisition
    • Budget Expenditure Approval
    • Budget Expenditure Payment
    • Budget Expenditure Report
    • Branch Fund Transfer
    • Branch Fund Transfer Approval
    • Day Book
    • Trail Balance
    • Auto Cash / Balance Sheet
    • Cash Sheet Summary
    • Bank Deposit Entry
    • Bank Withdrawal Entry
    • Bank Account Ledger
    • Day End Denomination Entry
    • Branch Day End Closing

    Print Module

    • Joining Acknowledgement Print
    • I-card Print
    • All Kinds of Money Receipt Print
    • Bond and Certificate Print
    • Passbook Print
    • Voucher Print
    • CLD Print

    Search Module

    • Member / Associate Search
    • Investment Search
    • Total Business Search (All Category)
    • Associate Self and Team Business Search
    • Loan Search
    • Savings Account Search
    • Approval Search
    • All kinds of Payment Search
    • All kinds of Print Pending and Due List Search
    • Maturity Search (All Category)
    • Team Wise Search (All Category)
    • .. and many more (Upto 50 types of search)

    Report Module

    • All kinds of Member / Associate Report
    • Business Report (All Category)
    • Business Report Plan Wise
    • Business Report Summary
    • Associate Collection Report Branch Wise
    • Associate Collection Report Rank Wise
    • Associate Self and Team Business Report
    • Savings Account Report
    • Loan Report (All Category)
    • Income Expenditure Report
    • Bond / Certificate Print and Dispatch Report
    • Cheque Business Report
    • All kinds of Approval Report
    • All kinds of Payment Report
    • All kinds of Investment Report
    • All kinds of Modification Report
    • TDS Report
    • All kinds of Account Related Report
    • All kinds of Print Report
    • .. and many more (Upto 50 types of report)
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