Our Services

We make web development, website design, website maintenance, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content management development/integration, and offshore software development.

We also specialize in networking, We offer a terrific after sales service and are always available for any alterations to your website after completion of development. At SSS, we believe anyone can build a website. But to innovate an online presence that adheres to the principles of strategic branding and marketing requires trained professionals. Our staff is made up of experienced designers, programmers, project managers and Internet strategists.

Business Application Development

There are challenges to face and problems to solve in every business and we know it as we run a growing business ourselves. The business application development team along with our business consultants, work with a clear focus to bring in technology and help you find answers to the business challenges. Itís the proven technical approach of incorporating repeatable processes and reusable components that help us keep costs down and deliver high quality. A thorough knowledge of N-tier custom web development ensures that all of our applications are both, flexible and scalable, able to respond to the shifting needs of todayís business.

Web Site Design & Development

Our services address Web Designing & Development projects of all types, specific enterprise IT programs, communications and Internet technology product development. When our competitors are still obsessed with the page layout, we revolutionized the thought process and started thinking from the device. How our clientís page should look from each device available in the market, popular or otherwise. Long researches and discussions showed us our way.

Internet Marketing Services

Business marketing has entered a new era of internet marketing that has much broader reach than any other type of marketing. Internet marketing also involves a numerous methods through several platforms of various types. The massive influence of the internet has the potential to draft several leads and long-term consumers, as well as affiliates and sponsors of several different demographics also. We offers optimal internet marketing methods tailored to search engine algorithms for the most effective measures. From the highest quality search engine optimization to various marketing platforms, We provides the client with top ranking methods to ensure high visibility and web traffic.

Mobile Solutions

The ever increasing penetration of mobile devices, mobile phones and particularly smart phones has been going on and talked about for some time. The evolution of the mobile space into an engaging and interactive ecosystem to build applications, deliver content and much more has only really picked in the last few years. And with that started the movement of going beyond the text messaging based services into mobile apps and mobile web.

IT Outsourcing

Dynamic Infotech IT Outsourcing & Managed Services enable enterprises to focus on their core competencies, lowering the cost of managing IT infrastructure through improved productivity and operational efficiency. We offer customers the most advanced IT capabilities while freeing up their resources for more strategic endeavours within their organizations. Our IT Outsourcing & Managed Services provide powerful combination of people, processes and tools, which ensure your IT infrastructure optimization and continuity. Our services undergo stringent quality providing the assurance of Simran Software Solutions Pvt. Ltdís quality consistency as Fujitsu Group has been doing in any other part of the world.

Web Hosting

Getting your business online is fast and easy Simran Software Solutions. Our domain service comes with business email accounts and all the tools you need to move forward online. To guard against line failure or intrusion, the data center is staffed 24 hours a day. Movement throughout the facility is escorted at ALL times. There is 24◊7 closed circuit monitoring of all areas and entrances. Between the cameras, access control, and the security team, the datacenter facilities are pretty secure.